1. What is the largest bottle or can the storage case can hold?

-- The Rock Gear case can hold round items, like bottles, with a max width of 3.4375 inches, but we recommend no wider than 3.375 inches. There is a little leeway because the case is semi rigid with flex, but a 3.4375 inch wide round item be harder to remove. Items can be up to 11.625 inches tall. The case is ideal for holding most 24 oz. or smaller insulated stainless steel water bottles, and some 32 oz. insulated steel bottles (insulated bottles over 24 oz. may fit depending on the bottle width and design. Wide bottles with handles that stick far out to the side may not fit), cycling bottles, aluminum beverage cans, and many glass bottles. Measure the can or bottle you use to make sure it fits.

2. Is the case insulated?

-- Yes. The Rock Gear case has a foam insulated body. Cold drinks in non insulated containers will stay colder longer than outside the case. The length for keeping the temperature constant will vary based on the outside air temperature and how often the container holding the liquid is opened for drinking. For even longer temperature retention, use our 24 oz., double-walled, insulated stainless steel bottle.

3. For insulated bottles, how many liquid ounces is best?

-- That depends on your hydration needs and access to water. We find that 24 ounce bottles are the best compromise between volume and weight for most active activities of 2 hours or less on average. However, depending on air temperatures, ones fitness level, and effort, there is no perfect answer. Keep in mind that as the bottle volume increases, so does the weight. As an example, an average 40 oz. insulated steel bottle with water weighs 3.6 lbs. on average. A 24 oz bottle can average 2.4 lbs. That weight difference is noticeable for some people. The difference between a 24 oz. bottle and a 32 oz. bottle in water volume is about a 3/4 cup difference. For activities where water or other drinks are not easily available, the extra weight of larger bottles may be a suitable compromise if carrying more than one bottle is not desired.

4. If I use the case on a bicycle, is the shoulder strap removable?

-- Yes. The shoulder strap is removable. The strap can be stored inside the case if needed later.

5. Can it hold beer?

This is a popular question. The case can hold two, 12 oz beer cans and many other sizes of cans or bottles.

6. Is the case waterproof?

The case is water repellent with a waterproof liner, but the seams are not sealed. The case is not completely waterproof. If storing items that should never get wet, we recommend placing those items in sealable plastic bags.

7. Can I use the case while backpacking?

Yes. While using the shoulder strap around your body, position the case near the stomach for easy access. Alternatively, the case can also be attached to a backpack.