; Rock Gear Insulated Steel Bottles

Rock Gear stainless steel bottles are ideal for your activities. The bottles keep drinks colder or hotter longer with their double-walled, insulated construction. Use the bottles when hiking, cycling, backpacking, bikepacking, kayaking, going to the gym, and more.

The bottle comes with our all-steel cap with movable steel handle. Plastic straw caps with plastic or rubberized mouth pieces are available separately.

With a 24 oz liquid capacity, the bottles fit perfectly into the Rock Gear storage case. The bottle dimensions with all-steel cap are 10.125 x 3.05 inches.

Available in the tricolors of light green aqua, blue, and golden yellow.

Rock Gear steel bottles in three colors.

The all-steel cap has a durable steel handle that can be moved to the desired position. If you do not like plastic caps, this cap is ideal.

Rock Gear steel bottles in three colors.

For those who like to use straw caps for drinking, our straw caps are available separately.

Plastic straw cap. Plastic straw cap with straw. Buy